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May 23, 2012
2.3 and up
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DailyChek Cardio Health Free


DailyChek Cardio Health Free Description

DailyChek Cardiovascular Health is a most convenient tool to manage your health.

*Supported Languages: English, español, 简体中文

DailyChek® Cardiovascular Health Free version is a very much convenient tool to manage your blood pressure level and heart rate along with the weight & BMI. This application is developed by a group of the professors and the organization who has been dedicated in research human being blood pressure for many years. The organization is one of the most manufacturers and developers for blood pressure monitor products in the world. We experienced the demand from the people who desire to monitor and to manage their blood pressure in order to prevent the disease attack.

Important Features;

- Clear and simple interface for data input with a friendly notice in case of the inputted data in doubt.

- Setup personal Systolic and Diastolic target with a friendly reminding notice

- View a data report or statistic graphic on a screen

- Offer useful cardiovascular acknowledge and standard to understand your blood pressure

- You can send your data to anyone who cares your health. The data is made by HTML format.

- Import data via bluetooth blood pressure monitor.

- Import data via NFC blood pressure monitor.

If you like DailyChek® Cardiovascular Health, please purchase the complete version for many more features, and allow us to notify you by email upon it's available. Your support and donation to develop this powerful application is very much appreciated.

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** Microsoft HealthVault is for Experiment
HealthVault does not currently support Chinese language. If you connect to HealthVault, the HealthVault website will display in English, and you may choose another language HealthVault supports. Don’t use HealthVault unless you understand the account terms in the language you choose. **

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Great Concept.Loved the concept but i just couldn't enter different dates for previous blood pressure readings. Date format was also USA style & not configurable. Didn't like going through same preselection of motions everytime instead of having a configurable settings screen.
decent appdecent app . i like it and use it almost every day. nice interface.
Basic error of confusing systolic with diastolic on main bp entry screen 

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