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Sep 16, 2012
1.6 and up
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DAF Professional


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DAF Professional has been developed to be the leading app to help people who stammer or have Parkinson's Disease. It helps people to slow their rate of speech down which makes it sound clearer to others. DAF Professional has been designed and tested by a certified and practicing Speech and Language Therapist (MSc, PGDip, BAHons, HPC registered and member of RCSLT). DAF Professional is the most effective and efficient Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) currently on the Android Market. No other app delivers the low latency required for effective use.Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) is a well established speech and language therapy tool which helps people to speak more slowly. However, until recently, devises have been cumbersome to carry around, difficult to adjust, very expensive and therefore not widely used.

DAF was origionally developed for people who stammer, but has since been shown to work with people with other speech difficulties, such as those with Parkinson's Disease (Downie et al., 1981; Dagenaise, Outhwood & Lee, 1998; Lowit et al., 2006 and most recentely Lowit et al., 2010). It works by enabling someone to hear his or her speech in an altered manner. This disruption to the normal auditory feedback loop causes the speaker to slow down. Research has shown that DAF will be of benefit to approximately a third of people who have a stammer or Parkinson's. Clinical research has not been carried out as yet on other client groups. However, DAF may well be of benefit to people with other medical speech conditions. DAF Professional is an easy to use professional speech therapy tool which could make a huge difference to you or someone you know.DAF Professional works during phone calls on many phones as well as operating as a standalone device.Please try our free version to see what DAF Professional can do for you!If you encounter any problems then please email to and we will do our very best to help you.

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This is the solution I've been looking for!THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! My speech therapist finally hit on DAF as the tool for me, and with your app and the earpiece I just bought, I can take DAF with me wherever I go now! Too cool!
Great. Works on the phone & easy to useI put this on my Galaxy to try with clients as an SLT. It had a minor echo at first, and DAF Professional were quick to sort it out. V reasonable £.
Works wellAt the begining I had some problems on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, but after I contacted developer they fixed them, and this newest version works very good.

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