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Nov 04, 2013
2.0.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.9
Rating: 66556

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Cyworld Description

Cyworld’s innovative transformation

Express yourself more vividly with the new ‘shake, Now, Emoticons, Now Story’ and more diverse features included in this update!

[Cyworld 3.0 Version update info]


- Curious about seeing Friend comments, wall updates and who said hi on your friends’ miniHome? Shake your friend’s miniHome and see what happens!
- Where are you? What are you listening to? Even how your friends are feeling today can be discovered in very cool and smart way. Use ‘Now’ with your most precious friends to share these precious moments in your life.
- ‘Haha” or ‘LOL’ are not enough! Express what you really feel with our new collection of animated emoticons. You will have more than words to have fun with your friends!
- Your own map of places you have been, own music collection and even graphs of your emotional ups and downs! Your memories come back to life with “Now Story’. Your photos uploaded from a couple of years back and everyday precious memories now get organized neatly on ‘Now Story’


- Use your purchased music on miniHome as your BGM and enjoy it to its full everywhere you go with the music player.
- Check what your friends are up to easy and fast! All the information you want to see about your friends and even celebs will be displayed on the ‘Newsfeed’
- Now you can directly decorate your miniHome with pictures taken with your phone and use them as the skin cover, add a profile picture, a cool BGM for the background and create a unique atmosphere on your profile page.
- No more colorless pictures! Transform your pictures into high-quality pieces of art with our FunCamera and filters! And as a basic feature you can now upload video and 6 pictures at once!

We have put your suggestions about miniHome menus, Photo album and Comment management improvements to action and have made a Cyworld that is smarter for you! Meet the new Cyworld 3.0!

If you have any questions or inquiries please go to Settings > [Help] or through our Cyworld Mobile blog

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Google Play Comments

좋은데저 미국에서 싸이앱쓰는데, 게시물 올리는시간이 계속 한국시간으로 뜨는데 이거 바꾸고싶어요 그리고 BGM듣기 되게어려워요 와이파이 잘잡혀도 스트리밍이 느려요 새로바뀐앱 깔끔하고좋네요!
디자인은 좋은데요딱 그게 다네요. 제가 못하는건지 다른 사람 싸이 들어가서 방명록 들어갔다가 사진첩 갈려고 그러면 매번 홈 갔다가 다시 가야되고.. 불편하네요... 그리고 우리 다이어리는 왜 인터넷에서 접속하면 잘 되는데 어플로는 안들어가지는지 모르겠네요. 우리다이어리를 누르면 하얀 화면 뿐이 안나와요.
Didn't workingWhy is it always say 일시적으로서비스이용이불가능합니다. 잠시후다시이용해주세요. ???? I cant log in my account... so frustating!

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