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Oct 30, 2012
2.2 and up
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Crypt1phile - 3DES Encryption


Crypt1phile - 3DES Encryption Description

Crypt1phile: Triple DES encryption with Unicode "Box Drawing" encoding.

(*ATTENTION: If you want a more secure encryption engine, download the tablet-targeted CryptxHD and CryptxHDx apps, or the smartphone-targeted Cryptxphile and Crypt2phile apps which all use 128-bit AES encryption with random 'salt'.)

This smartphone-based utility combines 168-bit "Triple DES" text encryption and user cipher keys with Unicode "Box Drawing" character encoding to convert your secret input text into a secure output string.

App features:
* 168-bit Triple DES encryption using:
... SecretKeyFactory() with 'DESede'
... Cipher() with 'DESede'
* User-supplied cipher key(s) up to 12 characters long
* No-limit recursive encryption
* Any character set (language) can be encrypted*
* No app restrictions to data manipulation size
* SQLite database for archiving (with search and sort)
* 'Share' and Clipboard-paste for forwarding
* Scrollable real-time 'on screen' Event Log
* Built-in Help file
* Note: This free version permits only 5 'folders' in the database

By utilizing other apps and the copy-and-paste function, encrypted data can either be posted on the Web or transmitted to other wireless devices around the globe. The destination receiver would retrieve the data, then use his/her own Crypt1phile or Cryptophile app and your previously-disclosed encryption key(s) to decipher the exported message.

If you don't distribute your cipher texts, then you can save them in a SQLite database on your own Android smartphone. The information is stored in 'folders' where it can later be individually retrieved and decrypted to reveal your old confidential notes. (A maximum of 5 'folders' are permitted with this free app.)

Caveat: Stir together enough mathematicians, cryptographers, CPU's, and research time in a computer lab and you'll discover virtually any encrypted text on planet Earth can be deciphered. Therefore, don't expect to find an "uncrackability" guarantee with this app! But by combining an off-the-shelf encryption algorithm with multiple private keys and unlimited recursion, most hackers will be repulsed from even attempting to analyze and brute-force-attack your ciphered texts.

* Note: the Unicode characters x2500-x256C are reserved for data encoding!

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This DES-EBE encryption algorithm without an IV is sufficient for us hoi polloi. No ...This DES-EBE encryption algorithm without an IV is sufficient for us hoi polloi. No key padding is used and recursion thwarts brute force attacks.
No cryptographic meritThis application doesn't protect your data at all. It doesn't use an Initialization Vector, fails to use a proper encryption method (Runs in ECB - i.e. Repeats blocks), and uses 3DES which is a horribly slow cipher when compared to more modern ones like AES. This might be a fun toy, but if you need to really secure data, you should probably look into something else.
I have evaluated dozens of cryptography programs and this is my choice for the ...I have evaluated dozens of cryptography programs and this is my choice for the Android. It is small, fast, and perfect for short private SMS.

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