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Crime Scenes Pro

Solve exciting and mysterious crimes with your friends!


Based on the model of the famous Black Stories series - finally available for your mobile phone!

To play this game you need one mobile phone with the Crime Scenes App and a group of friends who play with you.

"Crime Scenes" includes various strange crimes, that must be revealed by the group of players. The game master is the only witness, who has seen everything. Unfortunately he is extremely taciturn.

Reveal the mysterious circumstances of the deaths and be a part of the extraordinary investigations!

The game master chooses a card with a crime and reads out the frontside to the detectives, respectively the players. Then he turns the card and reads silently the backside, which contains the solution.
Now the players start asking questions concerning the case and the game master answers them only by saying "yes" or "no", until the group finds the solution. If the detectives get stuck in their investigation, the game master may help by giving hints.

This version includes 35 morbid puzzles. More will be added in the future.

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