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Jan 21, 2013
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 3060

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“Top 3 Hottest Apps” – AppBrainGet on our Facebook page and request vehicles and levels! Got bugs? Be specific! We can't fix them if you don't tell us what they are! Highlights ----
-Over a dozen off-road vehicles!
-Over 50 levels!
-Three hidden unlockable trucks!
-Rock Crawling/Baja Racing modes!
-Unlock real truck and off-road sponsors!Favorite local rock quarry closed due to rain? Waiting for the local shop to finish your axle swap? Crawl 4x4 can help you wait. For the wheelers on the go, this intense combination of 2D physics and rock crawling inspired game play will satisfy even the most hardcore off-road appetites. Featuring several vehicles, handfuls of unique upgrades, and dozens of rock littered levels, this game will keep you breaking, building and upgrading for hours.

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DC Construct.
This game is super fun!This is more for the developers than for customers. So, I beat the lite version then bought the paid version with the impression there were more levels. If so, not a ton.. Few things: This is the only game I've ever had that crashes (droid razr max). Winch is silly, need a second button for winding the winch while accelerating. Also need button to go straight to reverse, sucks flipping while you're cycling thru gears. Sound is worthless, I have to keep it turned completely down to play. Thanks tho, awesome!
Addicting!Very fun! I actually played through the free version first and then bought the pro to congratulate the developers on a job well done. I just hope they will release new levels, or a level editor! You can also try most levels in reverse. Just don't go all the way when u reach the end, then slam it in reverse and try it.
Crawl 4x4Super fun game......that being said I am not giving it 5 stars simply because it NEVER updates, you would think by now they would add some new trucks and add some new courses I play it all the time but after a couple of years it is starting to get real old.

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