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Oct 17, 2012
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Varies with device
Varies with device
Avg. score: 2.9
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Crash Test Dummies 2


Crash Test Dummies 2 Description

Mr Dummy is back and ready to be thrown around like never before. Crash Test Dummies is back on mobile in this limb-busting, hilarious action arcade sequel which takes Ragdoll to the extreme. The game is back on set on a construction site where many dangers await our poor Mr. Dummy once again. But don't worry, the guy is a professional. Points are given for each collision with ingame objects depending on speed and angle of impact. Numerous score multipliers are also present such as head-on collision bonus, somersault bonus or long airtime multiplier.

- 36 new levels, new graphics and music
- Score multipliers present: head-on collision bonus, somersault bonus or long airtime multiplier
- Featuring plenty of obstacles including boxes, pipes, railings, springs and girders
- Fully vectorized character and ragdoll animation simulate perfectly the behaviour of a crash test dummy.
- Instant replay is available in the game to enjoy magnificent crashes again and again.
- No two attempts are ever the same adding an enormous amount of replayability!
- Unlock free play editor mode

Keywords: action, arcade, dummy, construction, ragdoll

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So stupidIsn't signed correctly? Wtf? I didn't sign at all I only "accept and download"ed
DJ Disturbed
Update didn't workSays package not signed correctly, plus I paid for this app, and now I have to put up with ads? That is bs
Juan Luis Ysmael
0 to zeroIt said: "package file not signed...."What the f***!¡¿<3?.It may be 1 star but l'll give 0!

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