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Oct 14, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 53913

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ConvertPad - Unit Converter


ConvertPad - Unit Converter Description

ConvertPad(Ad version) ConverPad Plus(Ad free version) Universal Unit Converter

ConvertPad and ConvertPad Plus(Ad-free version) are most powerful and fully featured Unit converter, Currency converter and Calculator. It's a simple but the most powerful unit converter. (10,000,000+ downloads). ConvertPad is intuitive and easy to use. Features fast, real time currency and unit conversion in a clean interface. It has everything you loved on the original ConvertPad Ad version.


* Universal Unit converter and Calculator
. Real-time conversion and calculation
. Unit Comparison Table
. Direct Arithmetic Calculation
. Country-Specific Units(Paid Version)
. Searching(Wikipedia) for Unit information
* Currency conversions
. Option for selecting favorite exchange rate
. Support 160+ Currencies
* Multiple languages support
. Supports 24 languages.
. Supports 2 preferences as primary & secondary languages.
* Customizing feature for Favorite Units
. Favorite Categories and Units
. Various Sorting option
* User-defined Categories and Units
. User-defined units in built-in categories
. User's own categories and units
. Formula(functional form) support for user-defined units.
* Various Setting option
. Various Color Themes
. Backup/Restore User-defined Units on SD Card
* Steam tables
. Thermodynamic Steam tables


** If you have any issues with app update, please mail to The developer cannot respond to market review.

** For the Currency category, if the currencies you selected as preference do not visible, you need to change the currency sources on menu. (It's not an error, meaning the invisible currency is not supported by current source). Also minimizing the number of currency units increase boot speed.

** Permission for "Internet access" and "R/W access on external storage" are for Update Currency and Backup user-defined units on SD Card respectively.

** Please try out read the 50,000 reviews for original ConvertPad Ad. version which has 10,000,000+ downloads. If you have the experience of original, you will not be disappointed with ConvertPad Plus!

** Please leave your comments for ConvertPad on market. it will ENCOURAGE the developer to continue his effort.

Older Version:

v. 2.2
Currency rate update (after the format changed from one of the providers).
Number/period input issue on User-defined units
User interface on Calculator
Memorizing cursor location on each category
(Conversion Table)
Shoe/Clothing/Ring Size

v. 2.1
* Option for various Color themes
* Formula type(functional-form) input for user-defined units.(ex: 2*x+5)
* Reference unit option for user-defined units.
* Text size optimization for various devices.
* Memorizing feature on Calculator (Click on input field)
* ASME Steam tables (Thermodynamics)
* New language(Turkish)
* Minor bugs fixed.

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Google Play Comments

Fantastic and usefull!Not only helps with measuring conversions, but also converts all world currencies and automatic remembers updates of each currency values! I used it a lot to convert from distances, mass and currency on my last overseas trip and worked perfectly. Most update using Wi-Fi before you go on the road.
Fantastic!It's a brilliant application. It may seem a little complicated but it's not.
Upgrade broken now fixedWas great until now 2.3 won't run on nexus phone jelly Bean or XOOM tablet ics On XOOM after removing and installing a few times worked and then nexus started working no idea why now great except on both deleted all my settings and had to start all over

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felix2andrew on November 27,2011 Useful (0)      Useless (0)

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