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Sep 15, 2011
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Last Update: 4/4/2012User Reviews:"A must have app if you write RFI's and are not always behind your desk.""The Request For Information (RFI) app is great. It is simple and effective.""Great tool to have. Often times I'm in meetings and RFI questions come up, this app lets me do it then and there. Very productive.""A must have for every Project Manager, Project Engineer, Superintendent or Foreman."Note from Developer:
Our apps work on 99% of android devices, but because there are so many devices out there we cannot test our apps on all of them. Please test the app on your device once purchased and if you don't like it or if it’s not working properly on your device we'll refund you money. If you like the app please leave us a positive comment. We cannot respond to negative comments so please email us your constructive criticism as we strive to make our apps the best.App Description:
Request For Information App allows RFI's to be processed from the convenience of an Android cell phone or tablet. RFI's can be written from this app and emailed to construction project team or direct to the architect or design team. RFI's are saved in the app until deleted by the user. Below are additional features of RFI App:- Can save multiple project numbers and names.
- Maintains a database of all submitted RFI's until deleted by user.
- Can attach up to 5 pictures from camera or data base on the device.
- Emails RFI and pictures as PDF attachement.This app can be used by any construction company to increase productivity, save time, save money, and get time sensitive data to appropriate parties faster for a quicker response.RFI's can now be processed from the field by the Superintendent, Foreman, Journeyman, or Apprentice; as long as they have an android device. The RFI's processed from this app can be sent to their Project Manager or Project Engineer for review and further processing, or it can be sent direct to the construction manager, general contractor, architect or engineer.Examples of trades that can use this app are: General Contractors, Construction Managers, Mechanical Contractors, Electricians, Framers, Carpenters, Plumbers, HVAC, Piping, Sprinkler Fitters, Flooring, Casework, Iron Workers, Supplementary Steel, Concrete, Landscapers, Underground, and any other trade that needs to write an RFI.Update: 8.2.11
Updates include:
The following have been added to the app per request of the users. Please feel free to contact developer,, should you have any problems, requests, or questions with this app or any of my other apps.
1. RFI will now be emailed as PDF attachement.
2. Settings tab option added for the following features:
a. Email group set up. This allows users to set up an email group specific to project #, which automatically populates address line in email.
b. Company info set up. This allows company info to be included in RFI PDF.
3. Attach PDF button added. This allows user to attach pdf files to the RFI in addition to pictures.
4. Recommend to a friend option button added.
5. Contact developer option button added.6.20.11: Update includes:
1. Fix for multiple listings of same project # and name shown in drop down menu when save project is selected.
2. Fix for App crashing when (') is in the Project name.

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Good App - Need to be able to rename pdf filePlease make an option to rename the pdf file. Customers get multiple RFIs all with same pdf file name. Otherwise - good app! Thanks
Great App!I love this app. I wish it had a few more features so that I may be able to save each RFI under the named projects. I really appreciate the effort taken to create this app but it is still very limited and can use some improvements. I especially like the simplicity of the app and how effortless it is to send the RFI. There should also be an option to send RFI to self. Other than that, I feel it is a great app. Also if there would be a link to the desktop would be very nice. Please make the improvements quickly so that we can recommend app to others. Thank you.
Excellent AppWe use this app several times a week. It is easy to use and very effective. Job well done.

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