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Dec 29, 2011
2.2 and up
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Construction Estimating App


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Last Update: 1/4/2012This is an easy to use app that allows the user to estimate jobs on the go and email proposal from the convenience of an android mobile phone or tablet.USER REVIEWS:“This is a must have if you’re a contractor. Saves time and money. I no longer need to waste my time going to the office to send out a proposal.”“I’m not good on my new phone at all and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to use this estimating app, but it is VERY easy to use and proved me wrong. I now estimate and send out proposals from my work truck immediately after my job walk with clients. The clients are blown away with how quick they have a proposal and often times immediately award me the job.”“Don’t leave the office w/o your hard hat, boots, measuring tape, and Estimating App. Great tool to have.”Note from Developer:
Our apps work on 99% of android devices, but because there are so many devices out there we cannot test our apps on all of them. Please test the app on your device once purchased and if you don't like it or if it’s not working properly on your device we'll refund you money. If you like the app please leave us a positive comment. We cannot respond to negative comments so please email us your constructive criticism as we strive to make our apps the best.
App Details:This app was designed for the construction industry, but can estimate any type of job that involves any of the following: labor, material, subcontractors, rental equipment and anything else that would normally be plugged into an estimating spreadsheet.It can be used to estimate large or small jobs, price change orders and change estimates, email proposals, email proposal with an estimate, or email estimate as a spreadsheet.Features:
- Allows user to enter:
o Labor Rate
o Overhead Mark-Up %
o Profit Mark-Up %
o Sales Tax %
- Builds it's own database from saved estimates
- Currency option for different countries
- Material and Labor sheet
- Miscellaneous Costs sheet
- Subcontractor Costs sheet
- Rental Costs sheet
- Saves project in database until deleted by user.
- Has a Save As option to modify an existing project to suite the specifics of a new project.
- Email proposal letter as PDF file
- Email proposal letter and estimate as PDF file.
- Email estimate as spreadsheet (CSV file)Examples of trades that can use this app are: General Contractors, Construction Managers, Mechanical Contractors, Electricians, Framers, Carpenters, Plumbers, HVAC, Piping, Sprinkler Fitters, Flooring, Casework, Iron Workers, Supplementary Steel, Concrete, Landscapers, Underground, Mechanics, Technicians, IT, information technology, water restoration, mold remediation, insurance companies, adjusters, and anyone else can needs to send out proposals on the go.

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Great work.A must have tool for both DIY's nd professional projects. The ability to begin a project, save it, nd add more data to it as I continue makes this my all in one for recording expenditure nd estimating costs. A feature I'd find useful would be the option to open the last saved project on startup - just to save myself a few clicks, but then again I'm probably finding more uses for this app than it was designed for. Excellent work. Five stars.
This app does nothing that you can't do without it. Waste of 5 dollars 
Does not save items into a database.who is going to manualy input every quote. ...Does not save items into a database.who is going to manualy input every quote. Good start more work needed

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