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Apr 08, 2013
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Conference Call Dialer Pro


Conference Call Dialer Pro Description

Quick and easy way to join conference calls (aka ATC, Audio Tele Conferencing) with a single touch of your screen. Conference Call Dialer Pro is created for people who join multiple conference calls (sometimes called conf calls) in a day, especially while traveling (like driving a car, walking, jogging, etc) or working away from your computer. It reads data from your Android calendar and dials the proper gateway number providing also the conference code (aka participant access code), so that you don't need to memorize all the conference details. Conference calling has never being easier!Additionally there is a widget available that makes Conference Call Dialer Pro even easier to use directly from your home screen.Thanks to Conference Call Dialer Pro you will never again need to write down the participant code or search for the invitation in your email client. Everything is available right away at your finger tips. No need to create any external account (like with some other applications), it simply works right after downloading to your smartphone!Main functionality:
- Retrieve information about meetings from your calendar (outlook, gmail, etc) - you choose which one you want to use
- Dial into conference calls with conf code/participant code from the invitation - allows for selection if more than one conference code is found
- Manage and use multiple dial-in numbers/audio bridges (e.g. of your company and of your customers)
- View the details of each invitation
- A widget for the home screen for convenient "My conference call" and "Join current meeting" actions
- Quickly join your own conference call from every screen
- Automatic import of bridge numbers for selected companies
- Easy management of prefixes used to identify conference codes/participant codes in the invitation

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