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May 28, 2012
1.6 and up
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Rating: 6

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Anime Maker


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The purpose of this app is to allow the user to make an animation, simply by drawing a series of frames. The app takes pictures of each frame, with an overlay ensuring that each image in the sequence lines up correctly making a smooth professional looking animation, without the need of complicated software. Just drawings. Make a cartoon with ease! Simply put, this app makes a digital flipbook.

This app can be used for more than just making cartoons.

The Purpose of this app is to allow anyone to create a professional video, or slide-show of an object growing, shrinking, or changing over time. The app utilizes than android phones camera to take a picture of any object. The brilliance behind this app however is that the image taken is stored and then creates a transparent overlay for the next picture taken. By doing this, each subsequent image is in the exact same position as the one before hit. This highlights the object changing's actual difference from the previous shot. The video then can be uploaded to Facebook to show off to all your friends. Whether the object changes quickly or slowly, you choose how often to take pictures. If you are showing the growth of a plant every day would make a great video, however if you are showing your own age projection, taking a picture of yourself once a year would be sufficient. The choice is up to you!

Content rating: Everyone

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