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Dec 07, 2011
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The Market Investigation Report indicates that there are four electronic devices of Cell Phone, GPS, MP3 & Computer being commonly used during the biking activities. However, it’s not easy to have all of them with you or on bike unless you have something that could combine them as one such as the remarkable software of EZRiDER.
A. Solve the problem of installing four electronic devices at a time on handle bar
B. Reduce the weight by combining them as one.
C. Same interface on one device in stead of four.
D. Simplify the operations into one Cell Phone for better safety during biking.
What are you waiting for
Get an EZRiDER today to make the biking activity
less complicated, inconvenient but
more fun
As we all know that the population of using the Smart Phone have been rapidly increased and the platforms of Android and APP Store are mainly being downloaded
As the software banks. We Lord Benex ,therefore, developed and designed an exclusive software of EZRiDER for those people who possessed Smart Phone wanted to cover up both of them.
With the EZRiDER combining the functions of Phone, Computer, Music and GPS under the GPRS covering range on the bike, all you have to do is point your finger and scratch softly over the screen for quick slide into different menu for any function you wish to operate.
● Four Main Function Menu and Quick Slide.
1. Slide the screen left and right for different Function Menu.
2. Top Prompt Switch for different Function Menu as well.
3. Quick Volume Controller.
● Features of Four Main Menu
1. Phone
Integrated the function of PHONE including Call/Answer/Contact List/Add Contact/Voice Mail Box into EZ RiDER.
a. Enlarge the Contact List for bikers to check and call out easily.
b. Incoming call jumps out as the first priority and return to the previous menu when hung up the phone.
c. SOS Dial Button.
d. Voice Mail Box.
2. Bike Computer
Integrated the Bike Computer including Speed/Distance/Time/Calorie/Carbon Reduction/Height into EZ RiDER.
a. Store/Edit/Share the Track as well as the above six data to friends.
b. Quick Volume Controller under the screen of Computer for quick adjustment at anytime.
3. Music
Integrated the already existed MP3 in your Smart Phone into EZ RiDER.
a. Enlarge the screen of Play/Stop, Next/Previous and Volume Control.
b. Full Function Music Play Design including Album List/Playlist/All Songs/Volume Control/Repeat/Play By Order same as your Smart Phone.
4. Map
Integrated the already existed GOOGLE MAP in your Smart Phone into EZ RiDER
With the additional sweet and detailed functions for bikers.
a. Map Lock can avoid the interference from Menu Sliding.
b. Speed Indicator
c. Indication of total and remained distance for the route you set.
d. Add transit point to your route.
e. Route edit/Store/Share.
f. Route Quick Reset Button
g. Quick Volume Controller under the screen of Map for quick adjustment at anytime.
5. Setting-Personal Data input before use.
For the initial use, get in the screen of Setting and input the required related data
a. Name/Age/Weight/Gender.
b. Speed Measuring Unit.
c. Number of Voice Mail Box
d. SOS Dial Button-Country/Emergency Number
For Instruction Manual Download-
Wish to learn more about the Bike related super bright Headlight?

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