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May 16, 2012
2.1 and up
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SkyDroid Advanced E6B


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SkyDroid: The easiest-to-use Android E6B!SkyDroid from Sky River Software is an advanced E6B replacement for the modern aviator. What sets SkyDroid apart from other E6B replacement apps?Simplicity. Ease of use. Design with the cockpit environment in mind.Many flight computer apps have lots of rarely used functions scattered across many confusing pages. It's often hard to figure out how to do a simple calculation on the ground, much less in a busy cockpit.Designed by a CFI and aerospace engineer, SkyDroid keeps the complexity to a minimum and displays just the information you need in a clean, direct interface. SkyDroid doesn't try to wow you with obscure capabilities you'll never use on an actual flight. With SkyDroid, it's not what it can do that's special, it's how it does it.SkyDroid displays the important E6B flight parameters, organized within a few simple categories. All the relevant information is visible at any given time. Simply provide your flight parameters via a straightforward, reliable calculator interface, tell SkyDroid what you want to compute based on clear on-screen buttons, and press GO. SkyDroid’s sophisticated physics models display precise results instantly. Even if you are interrupted or distracted mid-calculation, SkyDroid’s clear visual feedback makes it easy to pick up where you left off.Whether you are a student pilot or an ATP, sometimes all you need is an E6B. SkyDroid is the E6B for today's flight bag, only better. With a little practice, SkyDroid delivers basic flight parameter computations easier, faster, and more accurately than the original – that's something few apps can claim.
SkyDroid Features:- All the commonly used E6B functions plus more
- A carefully crafted design focused on superior usability in demanding cockpit environments
- High fidelity physics models engineered to deliver superior accuracy over a much wider range of conditions than a standard E6B, as well as many other alternative devices and applications
- Guaranteed compatibility with the vast majority of Android phones and tablets
- Responsive, unlimited technical support readily available for help with questions or problemsAdditional information on SkyDroid, including the comprehensive SkyDroid User Guide, can be found at our website by visiting:

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