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Nov 01, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.1
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Sentencing Guidelines


Sentencing Guidelines Description

Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines Reference for Android Smartphone & Tab

Sentencing Guidelines application by Ambay Software Ltd. Sentencing Guidelines is designed to help Court users locate and reference the UK Sentencing Council Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines. The application provides indexes of offence Alphabetically, by Offence Group and by Act of Parliament. Magistrates and Advocates can quickly browse and reference Sentencing Guidelines, reference an Offence Page number, and view the Offence Page within the Sentencing Council's Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines. Sentencing Guidelines keeps a history of Offences referenced and includes a Search function across all of its indexes, Explanatory material (titles) and Additional Guidelines (titles). Sentencing Guidelines is updated in line with occassional updates from the UK Sentencing Council. This version includes UPDATE 7 of the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines effective from 11th June 2012.

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Google Play Comments

An Effective Aid in CourtI'm now confident enough not to need to carry bench books into court. You do need to put effort into understanding the logic of the layout but it is well rewarded, particularly as the search function will find more information than you'll find easily in a bench book. The support from Nick Harrington is second to none, quick replies and every possible effort made to resolve issues. AJR
Excellent appOnly just been appointed so thought this may be useful after I first saw the files! Had a play with it and am very impressed. The ability to prepare for a sitting by putting the relevant info on the favourites screen for 1 touch navigation and reference will be invaluable and save lots of time and embarassment. Also, top marks for spelling favourites correctly!
Good to haveNo more lugging great tomes into Court. Nice app and well supported. Runs very well on the Nexus 7, just a shame we have to subsidise the Courts by paying for it ourselves.

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