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Feb 01, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 257

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Client Cerberus


Client Cerberus Description

A simple app to send sms commands to a device Cerberus is installed on.

Just select the phone number from your contacts, enter the password and select the command from a drop-down list.

Messages are sent from your device, so standard text messaging rates apply.

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Google Play Comments

Better than nothing or good starting point?Better than nothing but requires a password even when app configured not to need it, can't set up other phone information beforehand as it all needs to be filled in when app opens. doesn't support all features for example capture audio. Should have data option and not just sms.
Password giveaway!Although the functionality is pretty good, the fact that it displays the password in plain text on any messages that you send to the device makes it less than useful. As Kyle has said - if the phone is stolen and the password is revealed, the security software is defeated. If the developer finds a way to obscure/hash out/hide the password on the receiving handset this app would really be useful. Until then, it's a liability!
The app is awesomeI use this app for all of my devices (HP Touchpad running ICS, HTC Sensation4G, Samsung Galaxy Tab) there are times i forget where my phone is either i forget it at work or just random other places i pull up the GPS info and its located. since the sensation4g has a front and back camera, it doesnt matter if its on its back or front i can still get a picture from it. Reading the reviews a lot of you left for the app - most of the issues you guys are complaining about such as "The camera shutter sound is audible when you take a picture remotely" you can configure the application NOT to sound any of the notifications etc. If you just take a few minutes and actually configure the application you can pretty much get the application to run in stealth mode where anything you do remotely will not sound any notifications. It's pretty simple. I see it as somewhat a "LoJack" for cell phones. I'd pay for a monthly service if they offered one.

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