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Feb 04, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 4

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Car Specs


Car Specs Description

Welcome to Car Specs! The crowd-sourced car statistics reference for the automotive enthusiast.PLEASE RATE!!!! If you like this app please rate it! Features:
-Over 45,000 entries from 1941-2011
-Locally stored: No internet connection required (only to update the database)
-Crowd-Sourced: Add a car, make a correction, and once approved can be easily downloaded by anyone in-app with the press of a button!
-Simple, clean, and fast interface. No ads, no extra bulk, and no load times.
PLEASE READ!-WIFI CONNECTION IS RECOMMENDED FOR INSTALLATION-1941-2009 is the most complete range. I have added some 2010-2011, but not all.-Data is used by default. It is very very minimal, but if desired can be turned off with menu/settings/sync off.-If trouble occurs with the database, you can reset it to factory in the app through menu/settings/reset OR clear the application data in settings/applications/manage applications/CarSpecs/clear data. Both options will reset the database to default.-If I am missing a car, or information is incorrect, please just add it or fix it in the app. I get these changes.-I understand the app is large. I would recommend copying it to the SD card. (Settings/Applicaions/CarSpecs/Move to st storage)Tags:
Automotive, performance, car, acceleration, speed, sports, statistics, specifications, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, camaro, mustang, corvette, 0-60

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PERFECT!this app is exactly what i was looking for and more! finally my phone actually has purpose in life
August 25, 2012
It has alot but in all fairness but its lacking something, 98 civic coupe have no option wether its a manual or auto. Did i choose vtec or non vtec. It just gives u one engine pretty much. No choice. 

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