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Jan 29, 2013
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 3.6
Rating: 289

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Ghost Speaker


Ghost Speaker Description

The Ghost Speaker uses your phone's sensors to speak words in our dictionary. It works similar to the Ovilus device.
Allows you to save, send and view the list of words that are spoken.
Use this along with the Entity Sensor Pro ( for an even better ghost adventure!

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Google Play Comments

GreatThis is not a toy. It can go for hours with nothing then the right question is asked and it is scary accurate. Will be using this during investigations. It told me my name and I go by a nickname that is not even similar and my name is unusual. Just make sure u follow iinstructions. And keep it stationary or it rattles on. great product!
It works!I was skeptical at first, but I will have to say this program has allowed me to learn about the individual spirits that haunt my job (I work for a salvage lot). One in particular told me his name, where he was from, that he was military, and his wifes name. I looked him up on the obituaries... And found him! The names and background were just as he described. Like the ovilus x, it can be random. However, I've gotten things out of this program that were not exactly coincidental. - I'm a ghost hunter.
NOT 4 entertainment!! It's a REAL (PX) and it takes PATIENCE!If you're looking for entertainment (just for fun-spooks)...this app IS NOT for you!!!! This app is ACCURATE...which is why at times you will get NOTHING (no words).. it takes patience to REALLY communicate with spirits. If you want a REAL 'Ovilus-PX' type app, this IS the app to get!! Para Group approved! Caught EVP at the same time as this and it VALIDATES app!! It's an OVILUS-PX. TIP: app picks up ALL energy "living &dead". Another GREAT (REAL) app is EMF detector & EVPrecorder (Entity Sensor Pro). DL!

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