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Dec 20, 2011
1.6 and up
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Kinh Thánh 365 HD


Kinh Thánh 365 HD Description

“Bible Verse 365” in Vietnamese (Việt) version, collects 365 bible verses and lists one verse and one photo for each day; let’s read it daily so that the word of God could encourage us anytime and anywhere.

We have incorporated the following features onto Vietnamese version “Bible Verse 365”:

1. Record your thoughts
While reading a bible verse, there may be associations, thoughts, appreciation, feeling…rapture in your mind, just one click away to jot down this previous moment; in addition, another click will list all input comment for your review.

2. Share it by email
With one click, your thought and the verse being read will be automatically become the content of an email; you could share your mind with others immediately.

3. Get your target searched
“Bible Verse 365”will find the verses embedded with your target phrase or words input; the searching boundary includes those input comment.

4. Font size & background
Select your desired font size from 10 to 40; background of different colors, scenery and texture are also available for choosing.

5. Communication
Share your ideas with us by either Facebook, Twitter, Micro Blog (「微博」) or eMail.

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Authentication Fails messageI download and install this app but cant run the app by message "Authentication fails, please connect the internet . . . ." now help me to use this app. I dont want to refund, i want to use this app thanks and B.R

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