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Sep 01, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 4329

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Erotic Live Wallpapers


Erotic Live Wallpapers Description

Free Sexy Live Wallpaper featuring an exotic dancer on your desktop.

Sexy Live Wallpaper featuring an exotic dancer stripping on your desktop.

Alexis Texas now included with the paid version unlocker: !

So at long last the much anticipated full version is available. Until this point we have been concentrating primarily on application functionality. Now that we are finally at the point where we feel comfortable enough with the stability of the application as a whole to actually charge for it we can begin to focus more on the actual content.

Our plan is to begin to release new wallpapers featuring new performers on a regular basis, hopefully at the minimum we will be adding a new dancer every month. We will also be releasing additional free content as well, the core application as well as most of the content is now, and will always be, free of charge.

We've got several video shoots lined up over the next couple of months, featuring some exceptionally gorgeous girls that we're sure you will all enjoy. Please help us keep our ratings up and try not to be stingy with those stars... The better Erotic Live Wallpapers does, the better the content you will see added on a regular basis will be, and the more frequent it will be added.

This is not an application, it is a Live Wallpaper, to use it press the menu button while on your home screen, then choose Wallpaper, then Live Wallpapers and select it from the list.

This is the free version which will soon be updated with additional content. There is no nudity in this one guys sorry, but it gets pretty close...

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Hell yeahAwesome baby! But you need to get rid of the ads.
NiceNothing like having a bad chick dancing on your phone. I work all day and leave this on and it only takes about 10-15% battery all day. People just have crappy phones and can't handle the sexiness.
Not eroticBoring (no matter how pious the explanation). Rename to avoid the perception of selling an erotic app. Mostly does not work. Save your money avoid this app. Update the app is rubbish

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