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Dec 18, 2011
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 2.2
Rating: 18

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VTA - GTFS Read and Show


VTA - GTFS Read and Show Description

Download and see the VTA bus schedule on your Andriod device.

Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (VTA) runs buses and light-rails in Santa Clara County. An unfamiliar rider might not realize how saturated the bus system has become. With this application you will be able to see where and when the buses will arrive and where they will take you.

This application is built in response to a programming competition for VTA. The app downloads the GTFS data file provide by VTA, loads, and displays the stops on a Google Map. You can Click on the Stops and see the arrival times as defined in the data file.

The application is still under development.
A future version will display the route schedules in a manner consistent with current printed route schedules.
A future version will include an algorithm to determine the best way to use the buses to get to a specific destination.
A future version will include notification to remind the user when to pull the chord.

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Google Play Comments

D. Scott
Scrappy UI but WORKS on Android 2.3.4Definitely rough, and not pretty, but GPS and proximity location work. Schedules are there but, again, rough. Interface needs work. I could see paying a nominal amount for this app to support continued development
Great app if you are using busesI don't know why this app gets 1 star. It works great and I m really happy.there is couple minor issues but it helped me very much
FirestarterNot a very smooth interface. The only reason I like it is because it has the bus schedules. There is NO OTHER vta app that has ALL the schedules, bus and light rail. What's up?

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