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Feb 12, 2013
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.8
Rating: 102

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● King James Bible PRO ●


● King James Bible PRO ● Description

King James Bible AppThe King James Bible or "The Holy Bible, King James Version" in the 1611 original version and the 1769 Oxford edition. Both including the Old Testament and the New Testament as a premium e-book app with voice output (TextToSpeech).● English text
● English voice output
● Archaic spelling in the 1769 version
● Exceedingly archaic spelling in the 1611 version
● Great usabilityThemes: God, Christian religion, religious, faith, belief, beliefs, confidence, Christianity, Jesus Christ, Mose, JHWH, Holy Bible, KJV Bible, ESV Bible, Authorized Version (AV) Bible, premium Bible eBook, e-Bible, electronic Bible, Word of God, God's word, easy to handle Bible, voice output, TextToSpeech, text to speechContents:
KJV Bible Book 1: Genesis
KJV Bible Book 2: Exodus
KJV Bible Book 3: Leviticus
KJV Bible Book 4: Numbers
KJV Bible Book 5: Deuteronomy
KJV Bible Book 6: Joshua
KJV Bible Book 7: Judges
KJV Bible Book 8: Ruth
KJV Bible Book 9: 1 Samuel
KJV Bible Book 10: 2 Samuel
KJV Bible Book 11: 1 Kings
KJV Bible Book 12: 2 Kings
KJV Bible Book 13: 1 Chronicles
KJV Bible Book 14: 2 Chronicles
KJV Bible Book 15: Ezra
KJV Bible Book 16: Nehemiah
KJV Bible Book 17: Esther
KJV Bible Book 18: Job
KJV Bible Book 19: Psalms
KJV Bible Book 20: Proverbs
KJV Bible Book 21: Ecclesiastes
KJV Bible Book 22: Song of Solomon
KJV Bible Book 23: Isaiah
KJV Bible Book 24: Jeremiah
KJV Bible Book 25: Lamentations
KJV Bible Book 26: Ezekiel
KJV Bible Book 27: Daniel
KJV Bible Book 28: Hosea
KJV Bible Book 29: Joel
KJV Bible Book 30: Amos
KJV Bible Book 31: Obadiah
KJV Bible Book 32: Jonah
KJV Bible Book 33: Micah
KJV Bible Book 34: Nahum
KJV Bible Book 35: Habakkuk
KJV Bible Book 36: Zephaniah
KJV Bible Book 37: Haggai
KJV Bible Book 38: Zechariah
KJV Bible Book 39: Malachi
KJV Bible Book 40: Matthew
KJV Bible Book 41: Mark
KJV Bible Book 42: Luke
KJV Bible Book 43: John
KJV Bible Book 44: Acts
KJV Bible Book 45: Romans
KJV Bible Book 46: 1 Corinthians
KJV Bible Book 47: 2 Corinthians
KJV Bible Book 48: Galatians
KJV Bible Book 49: Ephesians
KJV Bible Book 50: Philippians
KJV Bible Book 51: Colossians
KJV Bible Book 52: 1 Thessalonians
KJV Bible Book 53: 2 Thessalonians
KJV Bible Book 54: 1 Timothy
KJV Bible Book 55: 2 Timothy
KJV Bible Book 56: Titus
KJV Bible Book 57: Philemon
KJV Bible Book 58: Hebrews
KJV Bible Book 59: James
KJV Bible Book 60: 1 Peter
KJV Bible Book 61: 2 Peter
KJV Bible Book 62: 1 John
KJV Bible Book 63: 2 John
KJV Bible Book 64: 3 John
KJV Bible Book 65: Jude
KJV Bible Book 66: RevelationThis app is available as a FREE and a PRO version. The FREE edition includes ads which finance the development while the PRO edition is completely ad-free. Apart from that both versions are equal. You can first check out the FREE edition without any risk in order to to see if you like the app. If the ads annoy you or you just want to support this app's development, you can easily upgrade to the PRO edition.Standalone software - no need for an eBook reader like Aldiko, Kindle, RepliGo, BeamReader, Laputa, Moon+, FBReader, iSilo etc.Just install it and enjoy reading or listening.E-BOOK FEATURES:● Daylight & nighttime colors
● Voice output (text to speech, TextToSpeech)
● Move to SD card
● Clickable table of contents
● English and German program language
● Contents rotate automatically (portrait/landscape)
● Fullscreen images on/off by long click
● Options menu
+ Help page
+ Settings page
- Text color
- Background color
- Text size
- Typeface
- Text padding
- Reset
+ Link to all iwpSoftware apps in Android Market
+ Go to bookmark
+ Set bookmark
+ Set current image as wallpaper
+ Link to image/item/descriptionDo you like this app? Please rate it! Your feedback via e-mail is welcome!NOTE: If you meet problems or feel the need of some features you consider important, please contact us via e-mail before leaving a bad review.HAVE FUN!

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Google Play Comments

Latest updatesThe latest update deleted my menu button, my ability to bookmark my page and my ability to change my settings. I'd like to change to a larger font as well but can't. I still give it five stars. I'm using a Nexus 7 tablet and it's worked great until now
A BLESSED FIND!!The King James Version of the Bible is to me the only Trustworthy account of God's Word. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find which is why I am pleased to have this app available! I think it would be even better if you could have more than one bookmark and also have a bible verse search feature.
A couple suggestionsI like this app. Is easy to navigate. One suggestion would be to allow more then one bookmark at a time. Would be great for bible study. Also would be great to be able to either mark or highlight specific passages instead of a whole chapter

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