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Jun 07, 2013
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.1
Rating: 769

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Voice Speed Dial


Voice Speed Dial Description

Imagine the convenience of calling your friends and family without having to look up their phone number or dial. Cyberon Voice Speed Dial puts you in control using the power of your voice.This innovative app is the perfect solution to make calls without needing your hands – when you're driving, walking, exercising, or doing other tasks. Cyberon Voice Speed Dial even allows you to use your Bluetooth headset (for Android 2.2 or above) to make calling safer when you're driving.
The voice recognition is highly accurate because you create a "voice tag" in advance for each person you would like to call. It's quick, easy, and allows the app to recognize virtually any voice (there is no language barrier).
Just say someone's name... the app will quickly recognize your speech and dial that person for you. No more searching through your address book or trying to remember a phone number!Notice: The app could not dial the emergency call.
Benefits of Cyberon Voice Speed Dial include:
* Make phone calls using your voice - The app listens to you for hands-free dialing* Easy to use - It's so convenient that you'll want to use it every time you call, even when your hands are free* Save time - No need to look up someone's phone number or search for their name in your phone* Make calling while driving safer - Avoid distraction with this simple, hands-free solution* No more wrong numbers - The voice recognition is fast and accurate because it is based on your actual speech* Perfect for busy professionals - Always on the go? Now, talking with your clients and colleagues will be easier
* No language barrier - The app will recognize virtually any voice, without language limitations. The app's display supports 20 languages, including English, Czech (Česky), Danish (Danske), German (Deutsch), Greek (Ελληνικά), Spanish (Español), French (Français), Italian (Italiano), Japanese (日本語), Korean (한국어), Norwegian (Norske), Dutch (Nederlandse), Polish (Polska), Portuguese (Português), Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil), Russian (Русский), Swedish (Svenska), Turkish (Türk), Simplified Chinese (简体中文), and Traditional Chinese (繁體中文).
Finally, make your phone answer to you – download the Cyberon Voice Speed Dial app today!
*** Full refund can be made within 48 hours after purchase. To request a refund, please send your order number to ***
ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONTo enable Bluetooth hands-free voice dialing, please make sure to check these items:
1. Make sure that the platform of your phone is Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above, and your headset supports Bluetooth hands-free profile.
2. Install this app on your phone instead of SD card.
3. Restart your phone after installing Cyberon Voice Speed Dial.
4. Re-pair your Bluetooth headset and phone after installing Cyberon Voice Speed Dial, if they have been paired.
5. On Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), please be kind to update Google Search to the last version, then go to "Settings"->"Apps"->"All", find Google Search and clean the default, Voice Commander could be launched by pressing the BT headset's button in the end.If you're looking for a voice dialing application that doesn't require you to record voice tags in advance, please search for "Cyberon Voice Commander" on Android Market.

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Google Play Comments

Looked Good Until I Got It In The CarI bought this app, set up voice tags and tested it out and it worked incredibly well - I WAS VERY EXCITED until I took it to my car which paired up by Bluetooth to my phone - then it crashed the BT Connection to the car and wouldn't accept any voice commands until I turned off BT. By the time I figured this out - my 12 minutes to get a refund had expired. The only reason I got this app was so I could Voice Dial while driving. Now I am VERY DISAPPOINTED
Chet Walters
Needs a fix for HTC Incredible 4G 4On Incredible HTC 4g Verizon no longer works with wired headset. Sigh. Someday Google will get sued for having NO WAY to use fone hands free. I think some States have a law against that so I wonder how they can sell these droids at all. Even their native voice dialer now requires you to touch the fone to confirm the (usually wrong) choice it made. Please fix the wired headset function because on my motorcycle bt is not an option.
Matija Polajnar
Fast and reliableWorks fast an reliably on my low-end HTC Wildfire. It doesn't pretend it can understand names in the contact list, which is great for most of the world (which does not pronounce names like the english-speaking nations do). I use it with my cheap Nokia bluetooth headset in the car and it works great (as opposed to the expensive Parrot installation that often cannot understand what I'm saying to it). I don't know if that's up to the application or not, but this is the only thing that bothers me: after the voice-dial initiated call, the phone is left unlocked. This is bad if I carry it in my pocket and accidentaly press something without knowing.

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