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Jan 24, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 119

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WW Points Calculator


WW Points Calculator Description

This Calculator can calculate the approximate weight watchers points plus value.

This is only a quick simple to use calculator for quickly figuring out the approximate Weight Watchers Points. I’ve personally had great success on weight watchers but felt the Android apps could be easier to use.

The Calculator also doesn’t round the points to give you the exact point’s value to 2 decimal places. (soon to be optional)

Future Ideas: Daily Tracker, Weigh in Calendar, Barcode Scanner Integration, Database for Food points

This App nor its creator has no affiliation with Weight Watchers Internal.

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Google Play Comments

Jeff & Jeri
Great!This Weight Watchers Points Plus calculator allows you to adjust the number of servings without having to change the other entries. It also lists the items in the same order as the nutritional info, unlike the first official Points Plus calculator I bought, which asks for protein first. You do have to round up or down, but it's still better than the other apps I've tried.
WW POINTS CALCULATORI LOVE THIS APP!! It's my most used app I have. Great job on making it quite accurate! I also have an official WW point calculator & this one is right on with the calculations! Its so handy on your phone because you always carry your phone with you! I've used this app my whole duration of weight loss & its truly helped me lose my 48 pounds! WOOT. WOOT!!!
Does what it saysEasy to use. Clean and not cluttered. Luann, have you used the not so new points plus program? The calorie count is figured automatically by adding up all the parts with calories. Protein-4 calories, carb and fiber-4 calories, fat-9 calories.... Rating this app 1 star because of your ignorance just shows it... Wish there was a tracking tool.

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