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Jun 27, 2011
2.1 and up
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Color Tunes


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Color Tunes is a one-of-a-kind and innovative music, memory and brain game.

Color Tunes is a one-of-a-kind innovative music and brain game that allows you to easily learn to play lots of songs while enjoying a brilliant Simon / memory sequence type gameplay. It's a fast way to acquire and build up your musical and memory skills having hours of fun. Using a colourful twelve key keyboard you can unlock lots of different well-known, traditional and classical songs while learning how to play them at the same time. Music like When The Saints Go Marching In, Fur Elise, The Blue Danube, Happy Birthday, The Entertainer, Minuet and lots of others.
There are various challenges including Learn, Test Yourself and Time Trial modes where there are stars, diamonds, high scores, grades, that you'll need to win or collect in order to unlock new songs, levels and song categories. You'll be also challenged by trying to top global high scores in Time Trial Mode using OpenFeint. Plus, there are plenty of achievements to find and unlock, making you faster and more skilful as you play.
Are you the next great musician / DJ / pianist / instrumentalist / jingle maker / guitarist / composer? Do you have what it takes to become the next successful maestro? Then Color Tunes is definitely the game for you! Have fun and…Welcome Apprentice!

-HD Resolution (works marvelously on Galaxy Tab)
- 2 Categories, 30 Levels (Songs), 3 Game Modes
-Collect 90 diamonds, 2 Golden Clefs, Unlock 30 Achievements, Top 30 global high scores, plus get grades from A-F and up to 3 stars for each song
- Share your grades, stars and high scores on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
-Challenge your friends to see who can play all songs and jingles faster or try to top all high scores on OF.

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This is the 21st century Simon game. Great time killer! Hope to see more ...This is the 21st century Simon game. Great time killer! Hope to see more games from the developer!

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