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Jun 01, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 26606

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Color Splash FX


Color Splash FX Description

★★★★★ Create dramatic photos fast and easily! ★★★★★

Create stunning artwork with your photos by removing or changing colors!

★★★ Selected in Staff Picks on Google Play ★★★
-- Over 5 million downloads!! --

- Gray out everything in your photo except your face!
- Make your hair green
- Paint a flag over your face
- Change the color of the water, the sky, anything you like!!

The fast and liquid smooth interface makes Color Splash FX easy and fun!

--- Version 1.2 is here!! ---
Choose FX to apply color splash with!!

Unique Features :
★ Paint in color or gray
★ Recolor any part of your photo with a completely new color!
★ Zoom in and out or scroll with two-finger pinching gestures
★ Pixel perfect brush adjustment: size, edge, opacity
★ Brush size adjusts to size of your finger!
★ Unlimited undo for accidental touch
★ Save sessions and continue where you left off
★ Import photos from your photo album or camera
★ Works in portrait / landscape modes
★ Share your masterpieces to Facebook, Twitter & Flickr
★ Support for all phones and tablets
★ Set as wallpaper / contact
★ Full help and instructions

Supported FX :
★ Color Splash
★ X Ray

Pro FX :
★ Pencil
★ Blur
★ Tunnel
★ Mosaic
★ Color Flip
★ Exorcist
★ Spectrum
★ More coming soon!

Even more features available when upgrading to pro within the app :
★ Increase zoom to 20x
★ Show brush tip
★ Magnify area under finger
★ Highlight colored regions with a red tint
★ Remove ads
★ Much more coming soon!

Create stunning effects in seconds. Fast and fun art, works great together with free Photoshop and Instagram apps.

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Google Play Comments

It's okayLol @ Chris though.... Photoshop is much more accurate, and faster if you know how to use it! The buttons on this app don't like to work the first time you push them, for some reason. Never had this problem before.
Awesome app!I love this app! You can do some amazing photo editing & cool effects with ease! Started playing with bits & pieces on a few photos right after install finished. Very easy to use! EVO 4G LTE
So much funNeed to be able to zoom more, but over all its great! I can not wait to try out the full app.(; the first picture I did was of my wife in her bikini lol out was a "great success" in the immortal words of borat lmao

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