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Oct 29, 2012
2.2 and up
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ClearSync Calendars & Contacts


ClearSync Calendars & Contacts Description

ClearSync Calendars & Contacts: Elegant Sharing of Multiple Calendars Made Easy

An integrated multiple calendars and contacts solution for Android, PCs, the web, other smartphones. Share calendars and contacts lists with anyone. Create groups with which you share calendar events and contacts, and updates sync automatically throughout the group. The multiple views, color-coding and smooth scrolling and swiping make ClearSync not only practical but elegant. Sync Clear with ClearSync.

Additional features:
- Search Contacts on any field (including notes)
- Day, week, month, agenda views in calendars
- Touch an event to edit; touch a day to navigate
- Alphabetical views or category views in contacts
- Sync to multiple Google Calendars and accounts
- Set up one or multiple groups and share different calendars to different groups: work teams, families, sports teams, classes or religious groups. You decide which calendars you share with whom, and the color coding helps you keep track of different types of events. See your kids' activity and academic events on your phone.
- Put events on multiple calendars, not copies of those events. Updates are reflected on every calendar.
- Integrated operation: from a contact screen create a phone appointment with clickable phone number right in your event, or an appointment with a one-click mappable address right in the appointment.
- Select the themed color scheme and text size that is right for you.
- Publish a web widget for calendar events to keep your group's web site up to date automatically.
- Assign read and write permissions to the calendars and contact lists you share, or keep the details of your activities private.

Available via upgrade: ClearSync to Outlook: newly released! Low cost way to get your Outlook calendars synced with your phone, with all of ClearSync's attractive UI. Runs in Windows and requires a second download to your desktop or laptop, where you run Outlook. Annual license just $9.95, available for purchase if you like the app, from within the app.

* Three versions of the app are now available -- 1) the Free app, which displays ads after the 15 day "fully featured" Trial period ends without a License purchase, 2) the "+" app which can be purchased for a one-time fee and does not display ads, and 3) the ClearSync to Outlook version, which (when a license is purchased) allows syncing with Outlook on your desktop or laptop.

For more details, go to:

And if you have any problems, suggestions or questions please email us at:
Clear Sync

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essential to our livesMy wife and I are both active professionals (Grief and Loss Counselor and Unitarian Universalist Minister) which means we have at least two calendars each (personal, professional) plus our combined household calendar and often several special calendars for other functions. Now, on any device we are on, we can keep track of all of those calendars. Color-coded, intuitive functions, always current, without being beholden to a large-corporate-dependent system.
Goodbye emailing calendars!I finally got all my calendars together. My team and I work independantly but we have to coordinate a lot. The live sharing feature is awesome. I change it on my phone and everyone gets it. Goodbye emailing events around!
ClearstinkHard to use, doesn't update Google calendar, unnecessary when you can set Google calendars to share calendars.

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