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Mar 13, 2013
2.2 and up
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Class Cards is an easy-to-use yet extremely effective app for boosting student engagement during lessons and discussions. Based on the book I wrote by the same name, this indispensable teaching tool will put your students in the palm of your hand.After entering the names of your students—or importing a .txt file list of students for each class—the app will display a randomly generated list of students. (See screen shots.) You’ll see the name of the student to call upon at the top of the list and the names of the next four students to call upon below that. (Knowing who is next enables you to better meet their needs.) There's even a holding area where you can move the name of any student who would like more time to develop a response.The six score buttons displayed on the screen enable you to easily record the quality of each student's response. (See screen shots.)Cumulative scores—shown as a percentage—can be checked at any time and can even sorted from high to low so that you'll know who deserves a pat on the back and who needs a bit of encouragement. Note: A privacy screen allows you to share scores with a student without him seeing the scores of other students.An added feature is the ability to export scores to the secure website for viewing or printing. You can also email yourself scores for all classes or a selected class. - create as many classes as you wish
- add/delete students easily
- sort students by first or last name (first/last in settings)
- duplicate a class and rename it
- reset scores to zero for a new grading period
- mark students absent so that they don't appear in the random list
- absences are automatically cleared before the beginning of the next school day
- shake the device to shuffle the names (enable in settings)
- long press on the Class Cards title bar to shuffle names
- play a sound (Trill) when names are shuffled (enable in settings)
- displays students' scores as a percentage
- select a student from the class roster to call upon
- email yourself scores
- adjustable score values for the six score buttons (enter values in settings)
- info screen with quick links:
Mobile-friendly User Guide
How to Import a Class List (my website about effective teaching)
Rating Class Cards in the App store
Email Rick Morris ========================================================
For more information about this app, check out the mobile-friendly user guide. (

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