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Sep 22, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.6
Rating: 5734

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Chess Time - Multiplayer Chess


Chess Time - Multiplayer Chess Description

Chess Time!

Please also try our Checkers and Reversi applications !!

The best Cross Platform chess (iOS / Android, online , multiplayer ) application.

Please visit our website if you have any questions, we have a FAQ area and will add to it as more questions appear over time. We also have a forum where we can communicate.
Thank you.

Tell your iOS friends!
Follow us on Twitter! @hapticapps

Cross Platform with iOS ( online , multiplayer )
Android Tablet Supported! In-Game Chat! Leaderboards! Friend Users! Rating System!

NOTE: Now select the time per move allowed. (1 -> 7 days)

Do you like chess? Do you have friends? Do you have friends that like chess? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Chess Time is FOR YOU!!!!
Chess Time allows you to play chess with your friends on the go and anywhere. Make a FREE ACCOUNT and invite them to a game! Don't have any friends? That's okay because you can select a random opponent. Chess Time sends push notifications so you will always be aware of your next moves. It even allows for you to chat with the other players! Download today FOR FREE!

- Play chess! online
- Play against your friends, multiplayer
- Game level chat!
- Account based! (Now guest players / no account needed)
- History of recent games played!
- Rating auto calculated.
- Export your game moves and share with a friend! Standard PGN format for us in PGN viewers.

Have friends with iPhones, iPods and iPads? Want to play chess with them? Tell them to get Chess Time on the App Store! ITS FREE!

So what on earth are these permission for?
Network state - Well its a internet chess game. Chess Time needs to talk with the internet in order to make and receive moves along with give you notifications.
Hardware controls - Simply for the selection of using vibration with notifications.
Storage - For offline/cached games Chess Time needs to store a little amount of data. Nothing to worry about if you do not have a lot of space to spare.
Reddit = HapticApps

V2.1 - From numerous requests, we added a new chess set. You can switch sets using the option menu... The old set is still available if you like.
-- Fixed some bugs.
-- Getting ready for new server.

V2.1.1 - Needed to remove the new piece set.. causes hard close on some devices ??

V3 - Added timed/move setting from 1-7 days. Note older clients must be updated to play < 3 day / move games. (IOS still waiting)
* Leader board changes (View your area of leaderbaord with invite allowed)
* Invite people near your location
* Games results now show rating changes
* 2 new chess pieces
* Board colors.
* Flip board setting
- various other changes.
Note: Will have Country and Region (state) level boards next weekend, need to improve server for this)

* Add Analyze board!!
* Fix for tablet detection
* Chat Icon fix!!!!
* Quick chat feature. open the options menu to turn it on.
* Unlimited chat per game.
* Better landscape support

* Added country flags.
* You can set your flag in the account screen.
* We do default one for you.
* Email analyze board
* Can show captured pieces in order of capture

** Added Scotland flag

3.09: Some minor bug and performance fixes.
Added flag for England ... country code is e1

3.1.0 - Some small ui changes, image resolution changes
- minor bug fixes
- NOTE: It appears the message flag gets turned back on after this update.

3.1.2 - Added AdMob for advertising.
- Removed video (full screen ads)

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Google Play Comments

It works like it's supposed to..Just wish it had a bit better graphics, and maybe an undo button, for those really stupid moves between friends. You could either ask your opponent for an undo, or have a limited number per game. Otherwise, it's a great app, and the only one with a legit multiplayer system.
BEST MULTIPLAYER CHESS APPEasily the best app for playing chess with friends, cross platform so play against all the poor people with Iphones. Perfect app!!
Awesome app!!!This is a great substitute for Chess with Friends which isn't available on the Android market. I love playing online and this app is perfect for that. I really haven't run into to any problems with how it runs either.

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