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Oct 10, 2012
2.1 - 2.3.7
Avg. score: 4.7
Rating: 31

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Chef Description

A cookbook, editable grocery list, 14,000 searchable recipes, over 37,000 users.

Join the community of over 37,000 chefs just like you with the Chef's Little Helper Android app. Chef gives you access to your recipes from your phone, allows you to search our database of over 14,000 recipes, and easily creates customized grocery lists with the touch of a button.

Please email any comments, questions, or concerns to

Add your recipes through and have them automatically sync to your Android device. Build your own cookbook with the recipes you enter along with any of the recipes other chefs have uploaded. You can organize the recipes in your cookbook by category or cuisine to easily find what you want to make. Plus all the recipes in the cookbook are synced to the Android device for offline viewing.

Once you find a recipe you like, you can add all its ingredients to your grocery list with just a press of a button. The grocery list will automatically sort your items into the order you come across them in YOUR grocery store. Just configure Chef by telling it the order of the sections, and Chef will automatically determine which section each of the items belongs to. Alternatively you can view your grocery list to the recipe they came from. Then check off each item as you buy them. With a press of a button you can clear the whole list, or just the ones you've checked. When the time comes to cook the meal, use Chef to set up to four different timers so your food comes out to perfect.

From finding the perfect recipe to helping you with your grocery list, Chef's Little Helper is the perfect companion for the Chef in all of us.

* 14,000 recipe database and growing
* Search within the entire recipe (titles, descriptions and ingredients)
* Narrow your search with 15 categories and 36 types of cuisines
* Sort by latest or alphabetical
* Narrow search results by allergy
* Search all recipes by a given user
* Limit the results to only recipes with images

* Recipes entered on automatically sync to the Android device
* Add any recipe in our database to your cookbook
* Recipes in the cookbook are saved on the Android device for offline viewing
* Bookmarked recipes sync to the website
* Organize your recipes by either category or cuisine

Grocery List
* Add all the ingredients of a recipe with one button
* Add miscellaneous items
* View and edit your grocery list online at
* Automatically categorizes items by their section in the grocery store
* Order the sections to match your grocery store
* Organize the items by category or recipe
* Cross through items as you buy them
* Easily clear crossed items or all the item

* Four separate timers
* Each timer can be set with a name
* Timers continue to run while Chef is in the background

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UMah friend
Great appVery nice app for recipes, shopping list, and crossing off items you don't need or just picked up. Doesn't seem to want to close nicely though.

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