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Jul 24, 2013
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 4.1
Rating: 32884

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Candle Free


Candle Free Description

★★★ Features ★★★

★ Hold a brilliant candle without the risk of dripping wax and burning flame

★ Use it for lighting your way, adding atmosphere, and playing with (faux) fire for fun

★ Touch the wick to turn the flame on or off

★ Blow into the mic to extinguish the flame like a real candle

★ Watch the flames follow your movements with realistic physics

★★★ Description ★★★

Enjoy the benefits of candlelight without the dripping wax and risk of burning your Victorian manor to the ground.

Light the pages of your favorite Gothic romance novel, look for your lost keys in the dark, add atmosphere to a candlelit Christmas ceremony, walk down spooky hallways with maximum creepiness, hold the candle high at concerts like a lighter, and sate your pyromania without risk.

Candle Free lets you touch the candle wick to light or snuff out its radiant flame. You can even blow into your phone's mic to turn it off, just like extinguishing a real candle. Tilt the display and watch the flames follow your movement. You may forget it's not the real thing!

Read phone state and identity permission: Just used for ads. No personal information collected.

★★★ Keywords ★★★

Candle, fire, flame. Flashlight. Concert lighter. Christmas,
radiant app application warm wick physics candlelight Concert atmosphere Christmas lighter fire flame Candle candlelit Flashlight warmth light blow accelerometer

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Does what it saysInitially i rated down this app, not know that the add which is poping up is built in this app.. which is not the case.. iam re-rating this now... Below is my earlier comment... I like this app but uninstalled it due to annoying add which kills the beauty of this app. Blowing off the candle feature is amazing.. i give only 2 star because of annoying add
No probesChanging the sensitivity is all that matters . Keep the sensitivity at a lower level then the middle and it works great. More u increase more it will get harder to blow the candle off
Kool!Brilllliant! You can blow it out, you can use it to see in the dark, you can even change the colours of the candle, smoke and background!! Awesome!! :D Laura and Claire have you tried changing the microphone sensitivity to easy as that is what i had to do originally because it wouldn't blow out!

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