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Mar 11, 2013
3.0 and up
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Camera & Photo WoW FX effects


Camera & Photo WoW FX effects Description

The best camera and photo editor, photos filter effects, pic frames, and WoW FX effects application for android smartphone and tablets.Our android photo editor app combine Professional photo editor, filter effects, photos frames, and fast loader.
This is application that helps anyone to take a photos like a professional photographer
by using various decorating effects and filters through our effects filters you turn regular photo to a GREAT photo just like: 1-2-3.You can easily share your photos with various social networks and friend such as Facebook, Twitter, Instegram and more[Main Features]
★ Powerful photos edit features
★ Various photo filters that adds sensitivity on the photo
- Effects based on analogue-emotion such as Film filters, Light effects, and borders
- Blur effect added to Tilt and Shift lenses
- ‘Auto-correction’ to correct photos very quickly (portrait, landscape, food, text)
★ Beauty effects and fun decoration features by using face recognition
- New characters, stickers, comic masks, text and fancy frames added for a more fun decorating experience.
- Also you get as a bonus amazing Vintage effects function with a variety of background options.
★ Easy photo sharing from your Photo Album
- You can share your photo on various global SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, Instegram and more** Some of the feature might not work on other Android versions or Smartphone. Please let us know if you are experiencing any difficulties, then we will do our best to fix the problem immediatelyAdditional tags: cam, camera, Camera & Photo Editor, photos, effects, filters, filter, FX, effect, Pro, HD, vintage, frames, Camera360, Ultimate,Vignette, zoom, lens

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