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Oct 29, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.7
Rating: 100

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Calvin & Hobbes Search Lite


Calvin & Hobbes Search Lite Description

Find and share all your favorite Calvin and Hobbes comics by keyword or date!

Thanks for making this the NUMBER ONE Calvin and Hobbes app in the market!!

New Features:
- Move to SD Card enabled.
- Full version now features searching multiple key words.
- Sharing with Friends now enabled for Lite version!

- Browse entire Calvin and Hobbes collection in the order it was published.
- Ability to Share with friends (email, text, Facebook, etc...)
- Find the comic published on a specific date.
- Random comic chooser.

Additional features in the full version:
- Keyword Search
- Personal Favorites List
- Features added on request!

The Calvin and Hobbes mobile search engine (lite edition) lets you find the Calvin and Hobbes strip that was published on a specific date, and then displays the comic's official webpage from in the custom browser window*.

The custom browser gives you the ability to navigate the entire collection as presented by This application is not meant as a way to circumnavigate the official site, but rather, to enhance it by enabling a more convenient way to find the webpage for the comic you're interested in. Be careful for other apps that may infringe copyrights!

*** Want to find all the comics that specifically mention Calvinball, or Spaceman Spiff? Check out the full version of the search engine and gain the ability to search for any comic by keyword! ***

We aim to please! Unfortunately, it's impossible to test on every existing android device. Please email the developer if you find a problem, so that it can be fixed immediately (usually within 24 hours). As always, your suggestions and feature requests are welcome and encouraged.

This application is delivered on an as-is basis. To report any problems, please send an email to the developer email address.

(* the printable version of the webpage is displayed so that the comic can actually be read, unlike the mobile version of the webpage, which requires javascript.)

This application is meant to be used for research purposes only, and is not affiliated with, Universal Uclick or Andrews McMeel Universal.

Copyright and All Rights Reserved by Bill Watterson and Universal Uclick, an Andrews McMeel Universal subsidiary.

When buying the full version of this application, you are paying for the unique search capability provided, and NOT for any rights to Calvin and Hobbes material. The Calvin and Hobbes comics archive can be viewed for free from the browser of your choosing at the link provided below.

Please visit to view the full archive for this and many other comics, plus access to other features and resources.

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Awesome :):)Thank u soooo much :):) Calvin and hobbes are classics , will cheer you up any time of the day :):) Thanks a ton for this app :):)
Good job!Comics loading time has greatly reduced.Thanks.
Awesome!!I'm a huge Calvin and Hobbs fan and this app is perfect for any fan!!

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