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Aug 22, 2012
2.1 and up
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Call Stopper


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Are you tired of letting your emotions control your present and future?Are you tired of being embarrassed for having few drinks and making that awkward/stupid call to your ex boyfriend/girlfriend or current flirt?Would you accept help? :)The solution is our simple app! Anvesoft present you "Call Stopper"! The only app that will save you the heartache and embarrassment!Download the app now and take control of your impulse emotions!NOTE: Before continuing make sure you uninstall Call Stopper Lite, if you have installed.- How to use Call Stopper -1. Open the app and choose "Disable a number"
2. Enter the phone number or pick one from your contact list
3. Click Next and choose for how long would you like to disable calling
4. Enter the reason for disabling the number (this is optional, but recommended, so you know why you don't want to call that person)
5. Review your decision and just click Yes.
6. On the last screen you can see the number(s) you have disabled, until when it will be disabled and your reason for doing it!When you try calling the disabled number, you will be shown a message saying that the number you are calling is disabled.Result: YOU KEPT YOUR PRIDE! :)=================================================================================
NOTE: Please don't post stupid comments. Send us an e-mail for any questions at Thanks!================================================================================
Please rate the app and also comments and suggestions are always welcomed and will help us improve the app! :)
================================================================================NOTE: Due to Android's limitations, at the moment it is not possible to block outgoing messages. We will implement that feature, as soon as Android enables that option.TAGS/KEYWORDS: stop stupid calls, block stupid calls, stop drunk calling, disable numbers, call stopper, stop awkward call

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