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Oct 08, 2012
2.1 and up
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Call Recorder / Call blocker


Call Recorder / Call blocker Description

Powerful Call Recorder and call log for Android App(not necessary root)

If the recording files to listen to on the phone loud enough, it is recommended that using SDCARD recording file in SDCard and move it to your PC that go to listen to on your computer, it would be more clear.

(Another Again: the recording function: only "Call Recording")
Recently, we will gradually provide: call blacklist and gradually increase the recording function;, if any problem please mail to me, I will reply to everyone as soon as possible, thank you.

Do you remember? What purpose of this call?
Do not want to listen to the (incoming) call record again?
Do not want to forget every important call at anytime?
Do you want to save all history of call in your life?

Just use this app to help you resolve these issue.

The APP's Blogger & details feature that please refers link as below:(Using English):

Call recorder /call blocker /call black list/ Call backup / Call history review & memo / call during and contact management tool

**APP Features:

Purpose for this call is the user interface on the Android platform is the most simple, most powerful management tools for call detail records
And has many innovative features.
Our list of features including:

The recorder files will be stored in SDCARD path:
sdcard / PurposeOfCall-AudioRecorder /

*** Call blocker

***Concise and clear the call record list (contact information, statistics of talk time, call type, call review).

***Call recorder that can auto record when user pick up a phone call (Now, just record for INCOMING)
***Store call history, more than Android limit which has total 500 restrictions for the call records. but we don't have.
***Conversations provide a record of each call new features.
***Backup: The backup history of calls to your SDCard by one-tap.
***Contact group classification: simple icons to help you to categorize each contact group:
Favorite, Family, Friend, Colleague, Others

***Delete the call record: immediately remove the call record that you do not want.
***Simple call back function: a key to call back.
***Concise call to review purpose list and history list.

Powerful & Feature Packed Android Call Recorder
Completely free of charge

If you have some suggestions or comments, please visit our site

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Rubbish appsIt can't record the call Receive the users due to the apps name Plz don't download it!
Galaxy s2Doesn't record anymore. Please fix this!
BakwasIt is not a call recorder

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