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Oct 16, 2012
1.6 and up
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Call block


Call block Description

"Call block" To keep all the harassment thousands of miles away!

"Call block" is a free full-featured app to block harassing phone calls and SMS for you. And we've detailed the methods of blocking, you can stop calls or SMS from the same number. This app will be a good help to avoid harassment when you at work, meetings, driving, rest, but yet remain grace.

Compared with the same type of apps, there are no difficult settings or complicated operations in "call block". We offer you a dynamic designed main interface, so you can get to know your blocking mode instead of getting into the settings.
We offer four block modes, the dynamic interface will change automatically, so you can know the current mode easily (block modes available: Block all, Block blacklists only,Accept whitelists only, Accept contacts only)
This app also provides answering modes. There are four modes: Power off, Busy, No service, The number is not in service. (Only featured in Simplified Chinese version)
There is a general switch that you can change blocking mode to non-blocking mode immediately without getting into the settings.

* All calls from the blocking number list will be blocked. You can check details in call block record.
* All SMS from the blocking number list will be blocked. You can check details in SMS block record.
* Add numbers into black and white lists here. You can choose to block both or either of calls and SMS from Blacklist. The calls and SMS from numbers in Whitelist are defaulted unblocked, but you can modify as you want. The block rules can be modified in block mode.
* One column is call block record where the information of blocked calls will be displayed here, you can delete the records. The other column is SMS block record where the information of blocked SMS will be displayed here, you can delete the records.
* The Simplified Chinese version has one more feature which allows the user to select answering modes. There are four modes:Power off,Busy,No service,The number is not in service.
* When block occurs,an icon will notify you on the taskbar. Touch to check block information.

Your suggestions and requests would be highly appreciated, please make comments on market review or send email to us.

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Google Play Comments

Doesn't work reliably......I've has SMSes from entities that have a name but no number come through twice even though they're on my blacklist and are usually blocked by the app. Uninstalling!
LuvLuv how I can block ppl that I don't get alone with or annoying lol
E. Nichole
Doesn't work...I'm uninstalling this app, hasn't worked once.

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