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Apr 11, 2012
1.6 and up
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Calendar Cleanup


Calendar Cleanup Description

Removing past events from the calendar is a tedious job – click on the event, click setting, pick delete, then confirm. This application will clean all past events from your calendar with a single click.

Here is how it all works. First you choose from the drop down the calendar you want to clean. Then you pick number of days in the past that you want to preserve. Click the Prune button and you are done. You can repeat this process for as many calendars you have write access to.

But didn't I say a single click? Actually, if you have just one calendar and you want every past event removed you do need a single click only – the Prune button. If you have a single calendar but you want to preserve a couple of days of past events you will have to click a few times, but just the first time you run the application. On the next run the application remembers the settings and you will need a single click only – the Prune button.

A fully automated cleaning is available too - see Automated Calendar Cleaning (

This application reads your calendar and removes entries from your calendar, which is considered write to the calendar. It does NOT create entries in the calendar and does NOT send mail. The explanation for the WRITE_CALENDAR permission includes sending mail for some reason. There is no “send email” permission in the API at all, so there is nothing I can do about that.

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Google Play Comments

Simple, effective, and can delete old events from Google CalendarThis is more than just a good android utility -- this also provides a feature that is noticeably missing from Google Calendar... which users complained about for years: a mass delete for past events. THANKS.
Excellent AppExcellent App. Works like a charm. Bought the automated version. Love this app like anything!!!!!
Didn't work on my Eris. Force closed itself. 

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