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Nov 07, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 9885

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Cache Clear


Cache Clear Description

Only one touch that would optimize your phone system!

"Cache Clear" is a fast clearing tool which can help you clean up cache and traces. After cleaning up these data, you phone system will be effectively optimized, so it runs more efficiently!
"Cache Clear" is Android phones' good helper!
Main features:
※ One touch clear: clean-up app cache and Internet traces by just one touch without extra steps, fast and easy to use!
※ Cache clear: clean-up cache data of the applications, user-friendly design!
※ Traces clear: you can clear traces of Internet alone, Internet traces includes: browsing history, Gmail, search records, Market search records, Google Maps search records and the clipboard.
※ Auto clear: you can select auto clear on/off in settings.
When auto clear is enabled, this app will clear according to the frequency you set. (The default clear frequency is every day)
Note: Auto clear can only process when the phone is on
※ Desktop Widget: By touching Desktop Widget, you can quickly clean up (data cache and Internet traces) without opening the main page. Easy to use!

We hereby notice you that the product needs “contacts permission” to clear your call & SMS log. Thank you!

--- Feedback ---
If you have any issues or concerns with Cache Clear, please send me an email and we will find a solution for this problem! Thanks! :)

Avast "Moghav-A [Trj] (trojan)" has been detected (June 2, 2012)

It was false detection of that AdLantis Android SDK adlantis.jar is virus.
There was an authoritative answer from AVAST Software, which is the developer of avast! Mobile Security.

AVAST Software updated for their system at about 3 am June 22, 2012 (Japan time),The fix has been completed.

Also, To check fixing this problem, please update avast! Mobile Security with the latest version of the date of June 22.

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Google Play Comments

Great appBut takes to long to refresh and load the cache app list and also uses a h*ll of a lot of battery.. To bad, cause otherwise it's a good app, easy to use and does exactly what I needed it to do.
Best time killer..............everx'
COOL APP!!! o:This app does it ALL!!! o: Highly recommended!!! (: 5 stars!!! (;

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