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Feb 28, 2013
2.1 and up
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Business Card Reader


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Take a photo of a business card and a new contact is added! Business Card Reader (BCR) scans, reads the picture using advanced text recognition technology (OCR) and enters the data into appropriate fields of the Android address book. No more boring manual input of the names, phone numbers, emails and other information from business cards!#1 Business app in US App Store
Best seller on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry!★BUSINESS CARD READER IN PRESS"If you're a mobile networker, this is an app you'll definitely like."
TechCrunch"Business Card Reader is way better than the alternative. It's not free, but it'll easily pay for itself after your next new business card."
IntoMobile"The best text scanning app yet."
★ACCURATE TEXT RECOGNITIONReliable business card recognition technology allows to capture contact information from business cards and save it to the Android address book. Business Card Reader creates complete and accurate contact information on Android device in a few seconds.
You can order your contacts by groups, e.g. Friends, Colleagues, Partners, etc.★MULTILINGUAL SUPPORTBusiness Card Reader recognizes English, French, Italian, German, Spanish business cards.
For support of Chinese, Japanese and Korean business cards please check out special edition - Business Card Reader with CJK:★LINKEDIN SEARCHIn a built-in browser it is possible to make LinkedIn search of a scanned contact and read LinkedIn profile not leaving the program.★CARD HOLDERScanned business cards are arranged in a convenient card holder for immediate access to contact details. You can also arrange contacts by the first or last name, company or by the date the card was taken.Business Card Reader (BCR) is the leading business card scanning app for Android, iPhone and Blackberry. If you live active business and social life, contact partners, conduct negotiations, make business deals, you usually exchange business cards. Eventually you get tons of business cards and it becomes difficult to store, search and remember important contacts. Now with Business Card Reader you can scan them to your Android phone!Keywords: BCR, Business Card Reader, business cards, business card scanner, scan, scan card, card recognition, bizcard reader, bizcard, OCR, text recognition, Linkedin

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Samsung Galaxy SIIISo quick and easy to use. Very good text recognitiin. Huge time saver for networking and sales. Worth the purchase
Great appSometimes it takes blurry pictures and I have to correct data but overall still quicker than me manually putting it in.
Not great.I end up doing a lot of editing.

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