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May 19, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 3.8
Rating: 134

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Buffet Tycoon


Buffet Tycoon Description

‘Buffet Tycoon' is an exciting time management game.
You will manage a ‘Buffet restaurant'.
You may experience the reality of buffet restaurant business in this game. For the limited time guests dash. And you should check your hall and kitchen and handle your waiter and chef to make customers feel comfortable during the meal.
Chef should cook busily not to bring about shortage of food.
Waiter has to keep the table of a diner clean and carry what
he or she wants.Earn much money and upgrade your restaurant. (New facilities and interior decorations)
You can train your employees to serve customers faster to earn extra money firmly.
You must consider the loan from your bank.Whenever you expand your restaurant, it will be more difficult to manage your business but you can earn more money and finally you can accomplish the goal of your business.
-Real business situation of buffet restaurant.
-6 beautifully designed restaurants.
-lots of different customers to serve.
-lots of upgrades.----------------------------------------------------------
Never miss this game, if you want a creative and substantial entertainment.
Easy and addictive ' Buffet Tycoon’ will keep your adrenaline going.

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Google Play Comments

Fun But RiggedReally enjoyed the game but not the fact that its rigged...or broken. Whether you do well or not you get hearts (points) taken away which makes the game impossible to win and thus not fun for those of us that like to make it to the "finish line".
WHY ???Why cant yall get this game to stop freezing on samsung galaxy, I ask for a refund months ago, of course I didnt get, apparently yall are just rip offs, and not as good as the ton of other game makers out there..
Beginner mode harder than expert mode!It's a great game except for the fact that I have completed the advanced level but cannot complete the "recommended for beginners" level as you cannot choose when to buy chairs ie get more lives. Completed advanced level in 73 turns with restaurant at 3 stars. Please have an update allow move to SD card

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