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Bubo Bubo

Bubo Bubo is a H.264/JPEG remote viewer for "specific" kinds of digital video recorders.
Fill the IP, port, username and password correctly for adding a new site.
It can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode.

It supports gesture control:

1. zoom out to switch quard channel mode
In the quard channel mode:
a. scroll left to switch next quard channel
b. scroll right to switch previous quarter channel
In the single channel mode:
a. scroll left to switch next channel
b. scroll right to switch previous channel
2. double tap to switch single channel mode
In the single channel mode:
a. scroll left to switch next channel
b. scroll right to switch previous channel
If PTZ configure on DVR is enable but there is no the icon of PTZ function with PTZ camera on Bubo Bubo, please update more recent firmware.
If channel name is garbage characters or empty, that is your phone does not support the font for the language of DVR configure.

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