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Feb 13, 2013
2.1 and up
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Browser SMS Messenger Pro Key


Browser SMS Messenger Pro Key Description

★ This is the key application. You still need the regular Browser SMS Messenger application installed for this one to do anything. ★Communicate with your friends from the comfort of your browser. This app lets you send and receive texts from a slick web app on your desktop or laptop computer with your actual keyboard, instead of tapping out your messages with your fingertips on a dinky cell phone screen.Browser SMS Messenger runs a private, password-protected web site from your phone, letting you send and receive text messages from your phone's existing number quickly and easily. It's great for texting without making your boss suspicious, speeding up your text conversations, or people who have a hard time reading all those tiny words on their phone. The website app is hosted completely on your phone: there's no creating an account on an external website, no sending your private messages to someone else's server, and no chance the service will ever go down.Pro version features:
➊ Removes ads
➋ Option to run a secure version of the website (SSL/HTTPS)
➌ Marks text as read on your phone so they don't pile up in your inbox
➍ View entire SMS threads instead of the most recent few messages
➎ In-browser notification: title bar changesA few notes:
➊ You might not be able to connect to the phone if you're not on wifi. It depends on your carrier, but many of them block incoming network access.
➋ It's recommended to keep your phone plugged in while the server is running, as it can consume battery life fairly quickly.
➌ If you use a third party app for texting, they might block texts from going to other apps. To fix this:
Handcent: Go to Settings > Application Settings > Default Messaging application > Disable
GO SMS: Menu > Settings > Advanced > Receive Settings > Uncheck "Disable other message notification"
MIUI: Settings > Uncheck "System MMS app priority"
Other: Poke around in the advanced settings for a similar setting.
After making this change to any third-party SMS app, you might need to restart the app or reboot your phone.

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