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Dec 12, 2011
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3.7
Rating: 32

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Boot Logo Replacer RC4


Boot Logo Replacer RC4 Description

FREE boot logo zip packages can be found at developer's site.

It requires ROOT access.

Send your comments, suggestions, wishes or requests to developer. (Open Source, please contribute!)

No warranties: This is an BETA version. It is provided as is! Use at your own risk!

Be careful: Backup all your phone data and SDCard contents before using this software.

DESCRIPTION: This is just a simple tool for changing your boot logo screen.

It does not include boot logo packages. package must be placed at SDCARD/bootanims/myAnimation/

preview.png screenshot must be size 80x80 and placed at SDCARD/bootanims/myAnimation/preview.png

Bootsound is not tested yet:

Bootsound.mp3 must be placed at


This message is to people that are complaining and also that are not being polite while doing their support requests:

This project is just for my fun and I decided to share it on Android Market.

It is tested just on my Motorola Droid/Milestone with Froyo (2.2.2).

Support requests would be accepted or not since it is free and provided as is.

I am sharing my work, FREE, to the community and I have no obligation to change or improve it, since I am not making money in any way (no advertisements at all!). This project is improved only when I have free time to work on it.

I will do my best to answer questions as soon as possible and try to help users if they are having problems, because I like to be kind.

I will try to attend feature requests or bug fix if I have knowledge and time to develop it.

If you get no answer, it is due to I am the only person responsible for this free project and maybe I be busy enough with my life, being unavailable to attend your request in the right time.

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Google Play Comments

Couldn't get it to workIve tried to get this to work for 30 mins now with no luck. Im using Samsung Galaxy S with Gingerbread 2.3.3. Ive added the file locations manually and put the files i found on your website there. The DroidX animation pack is listed and when i click change the device just hangs at '[Installing DroidX... ]'. 5 Stars so you fix it? :D
HiCant find da codes. Any suggestions where cn I find boot animation logo
Didn't work on my Evo 4gAllow the program to read the download folder for the list instead of having to move and rename zip files. Also, it didn't work for my HTC Evo.

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