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Mar 06, 2013
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Blood Types by Joe Christiano


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Blood Type Nutrition
When it comes to diets, they all share one common denominator, failure! Why? Because they are based on a one-diet-fits-all mentality. And here lies the problem, we are NOT all the same and therefore must eat based on our genetics or uniqueness or blood type. This approach to eating is very accurate and individualized because it factors in your blood type or genetic code! In his book, Bloodtypes, Bodytypes and YOU, Joseph Christiano ND explains what YOUR missing link is, for:

Reaching your Ideal Weight for Life
Preventing and Eliminating Disease and Illness
Extending your Life SpanWhen you make food selections based on your blood type, and avoids those that are not, it is then when a positive biochemical response occurs at the red blood cell that allows all your bodily systems to return to normal function.When done for even a short period of time, you will experience weight loss, improved energy, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure plus many more healthy benefits.To accomplish this, simply do your best to avoid, the ‘AVOID FOODS’ for your blood type and eat those that are BENEFICIAL and NEUTRAL. To make blood type nutrition more convenient for you, all the BENEFICIAL, NEUTRAL and AVOID foods for each blood type plus meal choices have been listed in these APPS.

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