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Nov 26, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.8
Rating: 317

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BlockWorld Description

BlockWorld is an addictive independent action sandbox game similar with full destruct-able environment, monsters and challenging quests.

Why BlockWorld? Well, BlockWorld is a PREMIUM APP and the only game on Android with
- 4 different Sizes of Blocks
- High Quality Textures and HD GUI Design
- A.I. Monster Enemies
- Advanced Quest System
- RPG Elements: Fighting, XP, Level-Ups
- Undo-Function
- Endless large world based on natural algorithms
- Intuitive Touch Controls with Direct Manipulation
- Accelerometer Sensors and Full Keybinding Support
- Visual Styles: Choose between Cartoon-, HD- and Retro-look
- Sound
- BlockWorld publishes innovative concepts first!

BlockWorld is very funny and entertains you for hours.

+ Best experience on a fast device. (Lags? Crashs? That means your device is too slow!)
+ You can reduce graphics to improve the performance (Options)
+ I'm creating BlockWorld in my spare time. Please support me :-)

Thank you! You help me funding the development of this game!

No credit card? See:

This is the full version of BlockWorld. You can tryout BlockWorld LITE for free.

Found bugs?

Got ideas?

TAGS: MC Pocket Edition Steinkraft Minebuilder RPG Gem Miner Mine Mining Craft Crating Building World Explorer Eden Sheep Wolf Frogster Minigames Quest Minicraft PetraVis

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Google Play Comments

samsung galaxy tab 2the land generation is wonky and i really cant stand it. ill walk in one direction and then turn around and all the land is already unloaded. than i walk in that direction thinking it will load by the time i get there but it doesnt and than the game throws up an invisible wall until its loaded. only other problem is the menus sometimes jump when im scrolling. great idea with the leveling and power system.
Bug fixesThe game is fun, but a lot of times the button that you use to move around with moves when i drag on the opposite side of the screen. It really bugs me. 5 stars when bug is fixed.
Only 3 starsCoz theres no doors or fences and needs more challanging nd better crafting. Also coz this app acctually reset me phone also a lotttttttt of bugs in this game.when this is fixed then 5 stars. Has the dev forgot about this app??? No updates since i bought it a while ago.

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