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Feb 08, 2013
2.2 and up
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BJJ No Gi Essentials


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-Satisfaction guaranteed. We offer a 100% refund policy if unable to install.-Submission grappling, or no gi jiu jitsu, is a timeless expression of the art. In this stunning Android app, Roy Dean explains the techniques and strategies that make all the difference for beginning and intermediate players.
12 private lessons are featured, plus live rolling footage and analysis. This is a deep application, designed for multiple viewings. Chapters include:Welcome
Essential Movements
Essential Grips
Guard Options
Mount Options
Sidemount Escapes
Opening the Guard
Leglock Techniques
Leg Combinations
No Gi Essentials
Rolling Analysis
"I feel like I got $200 value within the first 30mins exploring this resource.Just get it. You won't be disappointed.Congrats Roy on getting this in app format. Simply awesome!"-Kris
"I have loads of grappling and bjj apps this is by far the best excellent layout and presentation. Roy Dean explains everything clearly and also gives loads of variations I watch this over and over. Well worth the money."-Pmuz
"It took me a long time to decide whether or not to purchase this app! The price seems a bit steep, especially with no way of knowing if it "delivers" or not. After "taking a chance", I can honestly say this app is worth every penny. Also better than a DVD set, since it's always in my pocket, ready for a review during a break. The quality and usefulness of this app encouraged me to buy "Blue Belt Requirements"If Roy Dean's other apps go on sale, I'll snap them ALL up, even the ones I don't need yet!"-PAL
"I have a ton of apps and a few books for BJJ gi and nogi and this one is the best that I have seen. I use killer apps, MMA apps (all of them, iBJJ (very good) and all the Stephen Kesting apps from GrappleArts. as well as Sweeps from BJJ apps and a couple others and this one has the best transitions and game theory that I have seen because the moves are stacked on each other and give you a whole game to play from each position based on attempts and fails and opponent reaction. With a counter to counter style of teaching and great pointers along the way these are like mini seminars on key positions and fundamentals giving some whys and wherefores about common mistakes and understanding the position. They are expensive and not EXHAUSTIVE by any means because you could spend days on just the Kimura alone or any position but these are a great start and for me being in BJJ for a few years now this was a great eye opener to why a position was failing for me or a particular transition so I found them to be great.They are however not in the typical format so finding a particular move like the rolling kneebar will be tough since it was under the side mount escapes portion at the 5 min mark and everything is done smooth and at game pace from many angles but it moves quickly. So there is a lot of bang for your buck but if you want nothing more than a moves list this will drive you nuts.BUT if you want to understand BJJ them this is what everyone else is leaving out. transitions. transitions transitions. That is the name of the game, NOT moves. but flow. How to be constantly improving your position and then submitting from a dominant position. These are great if you really want to learn and put in some real mat time. Enjoy."-Chris Fisher
Roy Dean holds black belts in multiple martial arts, including Judo, Aikido, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is highly regarded for his precise instruction and smooth application of techniques.

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