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Jul 23, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 835

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Birthday Reminder


Birthday Reminder Description

Displays upcoming birthdays from your contact list and makes notification on birthday date. With this application you will never forget to greet your friends for their birthdays.

Please, if you don't see birthdays or find a BUG don't give me one star. Just email me, I will fix it.

Some users are worried about the required permissions. This is the explanation:

FULL INTERNET ACCESS / VIEW NETWORK STATE: This is for AdMob ads. This permission in combination with READ CONTACT DATA permission allows possible privacy violation. Please trust me, my application will never do that. Thank you.

READ CONTACT DATA: For notification for birthdays of people in your contacts list.

MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS: For backup/restore function.

CONTROL VIBRATOR: For notification by vibration.

AUTOMATICALLY START AT BOOT: For automatic startup of notification service after device reboot.

If you want to help me to translate this application to your language, please mail me.

And check my other applications if you like this.

Pascal Schneider - German
Vasiliy Stoyanov - Russian
Sebastian Lalosevich - Spanish
Eyal Perets - Hebrew
Claudio Canestri - Italian
Daniel Bauman - Portuguese (Brazil)
Jakub Piędel - Polish
Asterios Komertzoglou - Greek
Roman Bilusiak - Ukrainian

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Google Play Comments

App had possibilities but needs more work...I like the app and the reminders settings but, it'll be great if I could add people to the birthday list by selection and not having to add one by one, c'mon an app has to be smarter than this ;) I'll keep it and hope it'll get fixed and rate it higher than 3 stars. :) *Also, it'll be awesome and the best app for this kind if one can sync Facebook contras and contacts in Android as well! How about making this dream possible?! ;)
A simple question????why don't u put a "year unknown" option in the app? Am i supposed to know all of my friends' birth year? That's my only complain about ur app. Otherwise its simple and good :)
Great!I downloaded this app because I switched over from Apple to Android and needed an app that reminded me of birthdays. On the Galaxy Nexus, if you allow the reminders to remain in your status bar, it's pretty helpful. Has a nice widget too!

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