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Nov 25, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 5

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Bill Burner- Budget & Reminder


Bill Burner- Budget & Reminder Description

Never pay bills again! Convert all your bills into one simple recurring payment. Bill Burner is a bill reminder/notifier with a difference, it splits the total cost of all your bills over there life cycle into small incremental payments. Add all your bills and select when you would like to deposit money in your account and that's it, it's that simple. There is no other budget app like it, never worry about bills creeping up on you again. It's not just for bills you can also add one off payments like holidays or savings.Bill Burner will remind/notify you when you need to deposit money and when your bills are due. It will also show you how long until your next bill is due and it's present cycle. It allows you to create bills for one off or recurring payments.Doesn't matter if your bills occur weekly and you would like to deposit monthly, Bill Burner is smart enough to know this and will ensure you have sufficient money to pay for all your bills no matter how often you would like to pay.If you are ever stuck for cash and you need to dip in to your account Bill Burner will recalculate you deposits so you can take money out. It also allows you to add money if you would like to reduce your repayments.Bill Burner can show your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly average payments for all your bills and even has a graph to show you one year ahead of time how much money you'll be depositing for all your bills.Supported Currencies: Dollar, Pound and Euro. (I can add other currencies if required, please email me)Bill Burner is a battery friendly app, it does not run in the background.Check out the YouTube guide for help (expand the YouTube video to see the full annotations): queries or suggestions please email me or alternatively post on Facebook :
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AmazingThis app is amazing , it should be $199 for how well it works. Nothing even similar on the play store
goodworks well very useful yet simple thankss!!

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