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Jan 30, 2013
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Bike Route Planner (&Tracker)+


Bike Route Planner (&Tracker)+ Description

The Bike Route Planner is a tool to assist route planning and navigation, and many other tasks related to cycling and walking. Routes can also be recorded, based on GPS readings. Tracks can be adjusted to the ground altitude.Possible routes are shown on top of Google maps, with colors representing different inclinations. This is of vital importance to bikers and hikers, that frequently prefer to avoid steep slopes. The route's highest and lowest points are also depicted graphically, through 'peak' and 'valley' icons.Routes can be analyzed on the map, by their coloring, or through their summary and details, accessible from the menu. They can also be saved on the phone's storage, for future reference. An altitude profile graph is available, to better visualize the elevations along the route.Info about bike routes is available for Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the US. Other countries' users can plan routes based on normal roads.The application is configurable. It may use metric or imperial distance units. It can be set to always show your location, and also to keep the map centered on it. Some data about you can be entered, to support estimation of calorie consumption.Although BikeRoutePlanner is not directed to car drivers, it is also possible to search routes for automobiles.Several new features will be added shortly. Further down the development road-map is the implementation of several other features, that will make Bike Route Planner a complete companion for your cycling and hiking activities.BikeRoutePlanner was developed by a frequent bike commuter, that felt that some navigation and route planning needs were yet to be fulfilled.
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