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Nov 07, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.7
Rating: 3888

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Bible & Hymn (Korean Bible)


Bible & Hymn (Korean Bible) Description

Bible, Hymn, KoreaBible, KOrea bible

This Korean Bible Only Bible, is the bible made for touch screens. When you use Dial-a-Verse for the first time, you'll see why it is better to dial verses than to pull out your keyboard or get lost in menus.
The Bible and search are work on phones and tablets without needing the internet! Not only is Touch Bible easy to use, it is always available.
** Free **
Touch Bible is not a watered down app, not a demo app, nor is it "shareware." It is just the Bible with a cool touch screen interface that doesn't try to sell you something. It's an app for God's word the way it should be... truly free.
** More Benefits **
The biggest benefit to Touch bible is reading the Bible with Touch Bible is so convenient, you'll probably find yourself reading the bible more often that you already do. It also makes for a nice witnessing tool.
Touch Bible makes getting to scripture easy. Here are a list of the features in Touch Bible that give you fast access to the bible:
- Dial a Verse : Touch Bible's way of looking up scripture FAST (See Screenshots)
- Search : Fast & intelligent keyword search with verse preview & many search options
- Bookmarks
- Copy-a-Verse : Easily Copy verses to your clip board to share with others!
- Readability : spread out words, adjustable font sizes
--Night Mode : for reading in low light situations
- Online Extras : Thousands of articles on topics related to the Bible.
-- Feel richly blessed by the biblical knowledge others have passed down.

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BibleThis is so useful...
Young Seung
매우 좋아졌습니다.매우 만족합니다 . 찬송가에 악보도 넣어 주어 감사합니다 그런데 악보를 확대 했을때 초기 화면 부위만 보여지네요 화면 확대시 보여지는 영역도 같이 확대되고 회전도 되면 더 좋을 것 같습니다. 전 겔럭시 S 사용자 입니다
멋진 작품입니다!KJV 대신 NIV 를 쓰셨으면 더 완벽한 작품일걸요. Thanks so much anyhow.

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